Valentine’s Day Gift Idea’s for 2021!

Create the perfect gift set for your loved one with Miniso (Affiliate Partner). Here are some suggestions you can use. It’s great to get creative and the price makes it affordable to mix and match for them.

  1. Adventure Time Gift Set (For that travel partner!)
    Mix and match based on what your adventure buddy likes. Miniso has a great selection of products that your special someone will actually use and they will enjoy the thoughtfulness you put into it. Our ideal travel partner VDay suggestions:
  • New, fun waterbottle or coffee cup
  • Travel mirror
  • Hydrating Face Mist
  • Adventure Time hanging organizer
  • Hand Cream
Feature our popular Adventure Time x MINISO collaboration collection.

Don’t forget to pick up one of their cute cards and bags to finish off your Vday present!

2. Disney Themed Gift Set (For that Disney lover in your life.)
Creating comfort and having some nostalgia has been known to relax people during stressful times. Disney is pure nostalgia for many of us millennials. Miniso’s website has some cute products, buy matching Mickey and Minnie luggage tags for example. Here are our suggestions for your Disney themed Gift Set:

  • Disney coffee cup
  • Makeup Beauty Puff
  • Minnie Mouse Cosmetic Bag
  • Disney lunchbag (can also be used as the bag for the gift!)
  • Disney Neck Pillow
Feature our popular Mickey Mouse & Friends x MINISO collaboration.

3. Marvel themed Gift Set (For that superhero in your life.)
More nostalgia, this gift set is cute for a boyfriend or girlfriend who made you watch every one of the Marvel movies as they came out. These gifts are useful too while being cute. Our Marvel themed suggestions for you:

  • Thor’s hammer plushie
  • Marvel themed Notebook
  • Wireless mouse w/ laptop reciever
  • Silicone protector for earpods
  • Marvel Wireless Bluetooth outdoor speaker
Feature our popular Marvel x MINISO collaboration collection.

4. Cat themed Gift Set (For that cat lover in your life.)
This is a great idea for that cat mom in your life this Valentine’s day. Or your mom maybe. And yes, you should always buy your mom a Vday gift in my opinion. They have a few cute hats that I would just love to see on your cat, tag me on Instagram! Here are our suggestions:

  • Unicorn costume for your cat
  • Pet bath massage scrubber
  • Pink litter scoop
  • Cat shaped pet food and water bowl
  • Pet water bottle
MINISO is the place to go for your S.O.! Until Feb 14, purchase from a selection of 8 online-exclusive gift sets and receive a complimentary gift bag and Valentine's Day card. Up to 20% OFF!

5. Self- care Gift Set (For that person who may be stressed out right now.)
Reminding someone in a thoughtful way that they need to relax and take time for themselves this Vday is a lovely way to show you care. Miniso has a few Valentine’s self-care gift set’s ready to go or you can mix and match based on what that special someone enjoys.

  • Cooling Microfibre towel
  • Muscle massage stick or one of their other massager products
  • Hand Cream set
  • Sleeping eye mask
  • Heating eye mask

    Don’t forget to purchase a storage organizer as well, it can be used as a gift wrap idea and it helps to declutter when your stressed showing more thoughtfulness for your loved one.
Feature a well-rounded mix of MINISO favourites.
MINISO is the place to go for your S.O.! Until Feb 14, purchase from a selection of 8 online-exclusive gift sets and receive a complimentary gift bag and Valentine’s Day card. Up to 20% OFF!

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