Spring Reading List

  1. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates

The man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to climate change. We all have our part to do, this book will help educate us further as we endeavor on reversing sudden climate changes. This year we will see more environmental activism and a push for cleaner solutions. Bill Gates has is someone I admire and I’m looking forward to reading his new book.

2. Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

Ernest talks us back into his futuristic universe for the second part in the virtual reality story. Reading books before the movie comes out is always fun, this will for sure be a movie released in the next couple years as the fan club for Ready Player One steadily increases thanks to the fantastic graphics that made you feel as if virtual reality games were soon to be more epic than we thought. Fingers still crossed myself. I’ve played at the virtual reality arcade in Waterloo, ON and as much fun as it is, still have a long way to go before were close to Ernest’s vision. Make sure you read the continuation to the story before the movie pops out.

3. party of two by jazmine guillory

This cute romance novel has the women’s book clubs talking. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger turns into a whirlwind affair that gets everyone talking in this New York Times bestseller. With a few romance novels under her belt Jazmine knows how to write captivating books that will make you want to binge-read till the end.

4. untamed by glennon doyle

This activist is empowering women and her writing has become well recognized. I have yet to read her biography but am looking forward to getting my hands on this new book she has written. Put this on your Amazon checkout list or for Kindle, this is a must read for women in 2021.

5. The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

This incredible romance novel tells two stories at once in a way that adds some magic to the story. Josie tells a beautiful story of love and the what ifs we all have or face because of it. This new story came out last year and has been getting lots of recognition ever since. A soon to be binge-read of yours.

Written by: @justinefrasers

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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