Modern Dating: Article 5

I’m not sure how any women can complain about a guy when you can buy a robot. We have robots all around us, boyfriends helping us, (except for Alexa IMO she’s like that creepy girl that your boyfriend claims is just a friend, like why is that betch always around) they do our chores, our laundry, they drive us places. I’ve gotten so bad I’ll claim I’m vacuuming while the Roomba rolls around under my feet while I sit there drinking coffee.

“Robots are the new boyfriend.”

– Justine Fraser

From handheld devices that help us in bed to the dishwasher, robots are the new boyfriend. They even make Roombas now that mop your floor, this gives way to a more independent women, a woman who doesn’t care if she doesn’t have time to clean because her boyfriends at home will do it.

I feel like I can live without a guy but I can’t live without my Robots.  My friend Courtney would tell you I’m slightly in love with my Roomba. I’m more impressed by this robot than any man I’ve dated. Sure! FML would do the dishes or sweep the floor but I can’t turn him on or off whenever I want, empty out the bad stuff and start over.

Justine Fraser

Note: IMO = in my opinion


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