Modern Dating: Series Finales

Modern Dating: Article 6

Series Finales

There I was, a month into our breakup sitting on the couch eating a burger and watching season 4 of True Blood.  This is it, this is how girls become that girl. At this point, I only have 8 episodes left might as well see it through, see how this fairy in love with vampires story ends. Hopefully it won’t be like one of those endings to a show that just makes you wonder why you watched the show in the first place. In a way, great relationships are like great TV shows, they can grab your attention, make you happy or sad and leave you feeling empty if you don’t get what you wanted 8 seasons in.

We invest in relationships like we invest in our favourite shows. We all have endings to shows that warmed our hearts and some relationships end like that, than some end like Dexter and your like, “why did I watch someone get murdered for 7 years if the serial killer never gets caught or changes his ways.” After 5 years of investing in someone I felt the someway as I did when I finished watching Dexter like I just seen someone get murdered over and over but there was no point to it. And yes, that is dramatic but after 5 years you rack up history with someone.

Can we ever get a great ending to a great relationship that leaves us feeling satisfied or will we always want more than the ending we got.

Are some relationships never ending like the Simpsons or South Park, or are those simply not real people?

Justine Fraser


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