Modern Dating: Hot, warm and cold

Modern Dating: Article #9

 Title: Hot, warm and cold

The rules of online dating have become clear to me now. Any mention of sex will be construed the wrong way and you end up in a certain category in that person’s head that you probably don’t want to be in. This works for guys too, I had the greatest video call with a guy I had been chatting up for the past couple weeks, it was fun, I was a little nervous, he was cute, we had things in common. I decided to end the call after 20 or so minutes not wanting to push our luck also it was almost midnight. He texted me immediately afterwards saying “You are so cute.” Then a message or two later sent me a pic, I open it and bam! A random dick in my face! Seriously, why do you men think women want this? Did he think it would turn me on? Of course, like any other girl I ignored it, he than proceeded to try and video call me again. All I can say is I think it is obvious why I didn’t answer. We never talked again. I don’t understand why men feel the need to mislead women. Women are probably better at separating and compartmentalizing relationships than men, we do it every day anyways, organization is a women’s happy place. Being 29, I have been separating boys like their laundry for a while now and it works, you’ll end up less hurt and feeling empowered. Men go into 3 piles, hot, warm or cold. The ones that send you dick pics go into your cold pile. IE: be cold to them, only talk to them when you want to, don’t let them send you dick pics you don’t want and don’t give them the romantic stuff, they don’t want it and you don’t need to get hurt. The warm pile is my safe zone after a breakup because it’s filled with guys from the hot pile but you have to play games right so every once in awhile you give them a flirty message but you don’t ever mention sex unless you want to throw that guy right into the cold pile. The guys in the warm pile are just trying to get to know you, they ask a lot of questions, this is great. Sometimes these guys also become your FB’s, this is even better. Many FBs turn into serious relationships, that just seems to be what we do as humans these days so make sure you stay in the warm zone if you do start to like him, don’t put him in the cold pile too quick, unless he sends you a dick pic than maybe just lose that shirt. So for the hot pile you have to be ready for a relationship because the hot pile is full of the good guys, in this category is where you put the guys you see yourself having a long term relationship with, and once their in this category it is really hard to ever take them out so be careful, if your unsure stick em in the warm pile, make him prove himself. Men love competition, they like knowing they had to win your heart or sex, so you won’t actually have to try too hard. If a guy has already put you in his hot pile, he will pursue you. Be warned though, guys who put you in their cold pile will sometimes pursue you in a similar way so they can wear you once and toss you away.

Written by: @justinefrasers


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