Modern Dating: Modern man

Modern Dating: Article #11


Is there still romance in 2021?

It’s easy to say you want romance but the reality of it happening for any single women in 2021 during a pandemic is slim.

Taron was a guy I matched with on Hinge about a week ago, I liked how fun he looked, I could not tell at all really if he was good looking, his pictures were exactly what you expect from a straight guy which intrigued me. I’m a little picky about who I’ll match with, I refuse to match with any guy with a gym pic, it’s been well over a year first of all since we’ve all been in the gym so that pic is old, most women will tell you those guys are egotistical, and they also tend to be a little dull.

Taron seemed fun, we chatted and before long he asked for my phone number, which if that is a guy’s way of keeping a women they like off the app than that’s smart because it does work, I haven’t opened it again since then. He quickly asked me out, we setup a date for that weekend. My bar was set low since I thought we would just go for an hour-long walk.  Suddenly he messages me the day before, it read – ‘I’M GOING TO SETUP A PICNIC IN A PRIVATE PARK FOR US’, add my nerves and a pretty long pink dress.

This was already sounding like an intense first date filled with pressure, don’t spill food on yourself, don’t forget sunscreen, don’t wear those shoes, don’t be covered in dog hair etc.

It was of course a little uncomfortable to meet someone I did not really know for the first time in a private area I have never been to. I had an escape plan, and a friend knew the address of where I was. #smartwomen

I pull up on the cutest green space surrounded by trees and ponds, it was very private. I looked pretty but didn’t overdo my makeup or my hair because I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. MISTAKE! I got out of the car and saw a tan man in a tight shirt with strong arms, nearly drove all the way home at that minute to curl my hair. Taron was so much better looking than his pictures I saw, he setup a couple blankets, and a spread of yummy food. We immediately started chatting, about what, I have no idea, I was grateful there was grapes I could shove in my mouth when I couldn’t think of something to say.

Taron made me a little nervous which is exactly what you want on a first date. I had been on a few others recently but none of them made me nervous, none of them setup a date like that for me either though. When guys go out of their way like that for you, you feel it, Taron gave me a memory of probably what will go down in my biography as the best first date ever.

To make it more perfect, he told me he thought I was beautiful than he said, “I’m going to kiss you now.” He leaned over the food and gave me a long kiss. We than proceeded to make out for about 2 hours. He held me while we chatted, it was hard to leave but I knew to extend a first date too long is always a mistake, so I pulled myself away. He walked me to my car, which doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t remember the last time or if any time a guy has ever done that for me. I really enjoyed being held by him and his strong arms, it reminded me of what it was like when FML would hold me, warm and safe. Another reason I needed to leave.

Trying to move on from FML and our 5 years of chaos hasn’t always been easy but dates like these, give me hope.

Maybe, just maybe there is some hope for the modern man… Maybe.


Justine Fraser


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