Modern Dating: How to lose a Girl in 10 Days

Modern Dating: Article #13

 How to lose a Girl in 10 Days

Written by: Justine Fraser, @jusreadingbooks, @justinefrasers

One of the best romcom’s of all time, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is all about a women’s what not to do in the dating world if she wants to keep that man around. It seems one sided that most of these types of movies involve the same theme about women losing men. Not many seem to explore the theme of men losing women.

Recently I had to breakup with a guy after two dates, Taron, the guy from last week’s article.

Day 1: We have been talking on Hinge for a few days hitting it off, he asks for my number which was nice because I’m tired of men asking for my snapchat which feels temporary. I give it to him; we continue to talk for a few more days morning to night.

Day 2: He is a bit of an over sharer on text message, and he has revealed some red flags already. He reveals that most of his friends are in relationships or have kids that he hangs out with, he says he bought a place and wants to have a serious relationship. He says he is lonely. He says he has been trying to lose weight. He says he is at his parent’s place to work out. He says he’s ‘all in’ no matter what, just likes to date one person at a time.

Day 3: We arrange a time and date for our first date. I say let’s go for a walk, he says that’s boring and wants to plan me a picnic.

Day 4: We meet up at a place he designates as a private park. I get there, it’s lovely and cute with ponds. He’s much better looking than I expected and has a cute accent. He says the private park is where his parents are planning on building a house. He sets everything up in front of me while also introducing himself for the first time making me feel awkward. He has a bunch of alcoholic drinks and wine, its 2 in the afternoon and I have to drive home. He creates this huge display of food, showing off how much money he spent. He leans over and kissed me, it was not great, he put my mouth inside of his than sucked my lip and it all felt so gross. He held me, which was nice. Than he says, “I’m okay with being exclusive already if you want. I like it that way better.” I cringed, I’m sure of it. My response, “I need a few more dates before I can say something like that.” I let him down easy I thought. He walked me from our picnic spot to my car which was very gentlemanly, but also a way to look at my butt and kiss me more times than I would have liked. It was a nice date all in all and very romantic to have someone do that for me.

Day 5: The day after Taron messages me saying, “so are you free tonight?” I don’t answer for a while as I have plans that day. He messages me 3 more times. Then asks, “So I guess were not hanging out tonight?” A little uncomfortably I respond, “Sorry not tonight.” He within a minute answers, “Ok. Just wanted to see you.” Which sounded cute but within another minute he’s sending me a slew of text messages telling me about something bad that happened to him at work that day.

Day 6: “Are you free Wednesday, want to hang out?” I decided to be nice and give him another chance, it was nice how much he liked me. I responded, “Not Wednesday but I can do Thursday.” He asked, “What are you doing Wednesday, another date?” I responded, “No, hot date with my girls for dinner and wine.” Which wasn’t true, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to see him and I needed time to bail.

Day 7: He bugs me to come over to his condo for our second date, I agree knowing he just wants to keep bragging about some lights he installed. We have a drink, the talking gets awkward as I can tell I don’t feel into him, I don’t like him in that way, he keeps trying to kiss me and touch me. It’s only our second date and I am alarmed by how comfortable he is and how uncomfortable I am. The kissing grosses me out again, I was turned off by his cologne and I left before the movie was over.

Day 8: He texts me all the next day trying to plan another date. I throw the shirt I wore last night into the wash to get his cologne off as it makes me gag. I told him I have plans that weekend and he says, “Fine, I’ll go plan something with my friends than.”

Day 9: He is morning to night texting me, assuring me that he has no other priorities, and his social life is wide open. While on a date with Cameron, who I had seen a lot more and was starting to really enjoy the company of, I get 8 to 9 texts from Taron. He was just talking to himself and in the last one he breaks up with me saying there is no connection and he was happy to meet me. Ok, cool off the hook, did not answer.

Day 10: Wake up to another text from Taron saying, “I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that I was in my head going crazy about things from work, from friends, from my health, can we start over?” I respond two hours later, “Not interested, wish you the best.” And that’s how to lose a girl in 10 days.

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With Love,

Justine Fraser


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