Modern Dating: Rose-Coloured

Article #17

Clinginess is the cancer to a relationship in our modern society. Any women I talk to will tell you she won’t text a man more than once because if you text him twice your clingy, if you text him three times your crazy.

The pandemic has changed so much about how humans interact and get to know each other. The last year and half has probably changed the dating landscape forever. Millennials have so much text anxiety that they prefer to be ghosted than broken up with.

I heard on the radio the other day that they did a survey, and it was something like 60 per cent of people think one nights stands will be obsolete in the future. My question is who did they ask? Single people or people in relationships? The pandemic might make people rethink how they treated people, and how they view relationships but at the end of the day when you’re at that bar, and the music is going, the drinks are yummy and the guy next to you has the cutest smile, yea a one-night stand sounds kind of nice.

A relationship is a commitment, FML never saw it like that, he saw a relationship like something he was entitled too. He saw our relationship as something he was entitled to. FML had a great personality, he was sexy, charming, he gave me rose coloured glasses that I didn’t take off until it was too late.

Courtney and Dimi always accused me of wearing them. Courtney thought I had short term memory loss a few times, not able to understand why I don’t remember those moments when he hurt me most. I always remembered; I just didn’t like talking about it. I wanted my relationship with FML to be about the good memories instead of overlayered with bad ones. I wanted FML to be the guy he was sometimes, all the time. It wasn’t about changing him, to me he was perfect, to my friends he was pretty much the opposite, but I think that’s also the problem with love. Love has this way of gluing the rose-coloured glasses onto you.

Be very careful entering into a relationship with someone you can fall in love with, all of a sudden it’s 5 years later, there’s a pandemic, your Roomba is broken, and your sitting there trying to to figure out what a bumble is.  

With love, Jus


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