Modern Dating: Every Once In A While

I highly recommend not dating where you work, for the same reasons’ others have said countless times, it’s not a good idea, what if it ends bad? Then you’re stuck together every day, they see what you’re doing all the time, dating where you work is not something I’d recommend. But every once in a while…

I didn’t mean to, I don’t even really know how it all started, other than some mindless flirting, but it happened, I dated someone I work with. Dating would also probably be a loose term to use in this scenario.

Logan made me smile, he started off ridiculously cute from giving out lots of compliments to a bunch of “accidental” bumps into each other. We got into a routine of going out for lunch together every day. He had strong shoulders that were always holding large cameras, he typically wore a black hat on backwards, that I found very appealing for whatever reason, and he enjoyed things I didn’t, such as horror movies. He also showed me things, he listened to an array of music that I never knew guys listened to, he talked about journalism in ways I’ve never heard before, he intrigued me. I sit beside the window so I would see him often pull up in his black car, it was hard for us not to smile at each other through the window. We had a few things in common, what we had most in common was our desire to do journalism abroad. The thing I cherished was his honesty with me about his intentions. He told me he never wants to get married or have kids; he just wants to focus on journalism. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, I think you just jinxed yourself.

In my head I knew I wasn’t ready to be a serious girlfriend to anyone, FML still kept creeping into the back of mind.

Logan was great for me, he didn’t make me feel like he was judging me like some other guys I had been online dating with – dating is hard but when it comes naturally like it did with him and I, it’s easy, it’s exciting and it’s also depressing when they move away.

For a whole month, I forgot about FML and all of that, I just was excited to see Logan, work with him and have very hot sex after hours. A few times we were the only ones in the office late into the evening, and of course, like the young people we are, we had sex on the desk, which was a lot of fun to be honest that part I’d recommend.

He has big dreams, he went to work for a faster paced company, telling me a year from now he’ll be in a different country. He’s a truly amazing photographer, I have no doubts his pics will be all over National Geographic or somewhere similar.

But to go back to the not dating where you work thing – this is also why – you look over, there not there anymore, you look out the window, they’re never driving up again, you need help, they can’t, you want to not eat alone at lunch, well you are now. It sucks.

I keep the note beside my desk from him, I childishly wrote on a piece of paper in pink highlighter, ‘I like you’ and had thrown it over the cubicle wall for him, he threw it back a few moments later, with a returned ‘I like you too qt.’

Logan wasn’t the first guy I dated after FML, but he’s the first one to mean something to me. Watching him leave impacted me unfortunately. Starting a new job is hard, starting a new job and having all of that happen, harder.

With love, Jus

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