Modern Dating: Fancy Guys

Article # 20
Publish date: 10/05/21

I feel like I’ve met my match with Sebastian, he’s one of those fancy guys. We ran into each other at a line for a food truck in the downtown square, his friend knew my friend and we stood there awkwardly staring at each other as they caught up quick. He was cute, well dressed, and seemed to be interested in me.

“I’m Sebastian, whats your name?”

“I’m Jus. How’s It going?” It wasn’t my smoothest pickup line, but my smile helped.

“Good, that’s a really cute dress.”

“Thank you. So, what do you do for work? Do you work with Phil at the gym?”

“Uh no, I’m in politics actually. What do you do?”

“I’m a journalist.”

“Oh cool! I guess I better watch what I say.”

“Maybe a little.” I joked, not really joking.

Him and his friend joked around with us while we ordered food and then we ate together the four of us at the nearby picnic table. The hot dog I ordered seemed like a poor choice as Sebastian sat across from me. My friend Trixie, was loving Phil’s attention, as a newly single women, and Phil an old flame from college, she was excited to see him again. She slyly whispered in my ear when the boys were chatting about a video game, she said, “Sebastian is totally your type but in a more interesting way than normal.”

“I’m not sure a politician is my type.”

“The way he’s staring at you right now tells me different.” I looked after she said that and he was indeed staring at me from across the table, smiling as Phil want on and on about how he achieved a new high score.

“Could I get your number or snapchat? Or Instagram?” Sebastian asked me, I was slightly confused by the question and responded as such.

“Whatever one you want.”

“What’s your Instagram?” Ouch. He didn’t ask for my number.

“It was great meeting you.” I said to him as we all started leaving, Phil was giving Trixie a long hug beside us.

“Yeah, you as well, let’s go on a date soon.” That made me instantly blush and smile. Which I could tell he enjoyed.

“Yea we should, message me.”

Trixie and I walked back to my apartment downtown to watch a movie before she headed home.

“What a fun night, did you have fun? Did you like him?” Trixie asked me glamoured by the moonlight and lustful winds that were blowing her way.

“Sebastian? Yea I did, I think. He was very cute.”

“Did he get your number?”

“No. He got my Insta”

“Oh well that’s good!” She responded excited.

“Is it?” I asked confused.

“Yes! It means he wants to send creep your life, send you photos and videos. You two are going to have fun.” The newly singly Trixie seemed to know more about dating already than me.

After a movie and 2 buckets of popcorn, Sebastian sent me a dm (direct message) on Insta, sending chills down my spine. Trixie had gone home 20 minutes earlier. I decided a solid 15 minute wait was in order, as to not look desperate.

.. I waited about 5 or 6 minutes before clicking on his name, unable not to look. It was a cute photo of him lying in bed with a quick message, ‘Happy we met.’ I smiled instantly at what he wrote than proceeded to stare at the shirtless, tan, sculpted man on my phone.

Sebastian and I chatted on the phone everyday for the next two months, busy schedules keeping us apart as a quickly called Canadian election makes for a busy time for our political and journalistic workloads. He was out campaigning, while I was out covering debates and writing stories.

And then one day, out of nowhere, he asked me what I was doing that Friday, I told him I was free. We made plans for me to visit him in Burlington, a beautiful city along the water, that I had been to only once before. Sebastian insisted I come to him, as he wanted to plan our first date.

He took me for a walk by the water with a busy waterfront, a long trail of pretty lights lighting out towards the water as we chatted with ease about what we had been up to that day at work. A few metres away was a busy festival with a band playing on a small stage. In front of us a man on a saxophone filled the air with a lovely sound. It was all so surprisingly romantic, he was dressed up and so was I. He wore a buttoned up blue shirt, white top with nice pants, a black sports cap and I was wearing one of my favourite dark blue lacey dresses, under it I put black lingerie. He asked if I smoked weed, I said “sometimes” he pulled out a joint and we shared one as we walked around the crowds of people at the waterfront, talking naturally, opposite from several of the dates I had previously been on. He held my hand as he led me through the crowds when it got tight, pulling me out into a different street so we could hear each other better. He took me to a fancy Italian restaurant. I didn’t tell him, but it was one of the fanciest places a guy had taken me to in a very long time. It was adorably located in a village setting with lights and greenery layered over top of us giving us that perfect first date setting. Our date never felt awkward or like a job interview, it became one of those nights you never want to end. Maybe because we were both a little stoned and we had chatted nonstop for the last two months.

“Typical journalist asks a question with the answer implied in it.” He joked to me as I had asked him about his work. (I won’t talk about what he does, as he wouldn’t want me to. ‘Off the record’ as we call it.)

“Typical politician, doesn’t answer my questions.” We both laughed together at that one as the waitress brought us beautiful bowls of pasta.

I happily ate around him as we chatted about family, friends, he was smart, funny. When the check came, he instantly grabbed it not wanting me to even contemplate it. I smiled at him and sipped the fancy drink he recommended for me; he was so cute as he chatted up the waitress. His political charm seeping through into all his conversations.

It was like a scene out of the movie, as we walked around the cute little village-styled shops after dinner. He led me by holding my hand and kept me away from people as the whole pandemic thing was still going on and it was a little crowded. He pulled me in as we slowed down to cross the street. We were waiting for the lights to change, he had stopped talking as we looked for cars, his eyes met mine, we smiled, and he pulled me in close to kiss me. His lips were soft, and he took charge of the kiss quickly wanting to deepen it. A car went by us making us stop and he said smiling at me, “Come on.”

It was a romantic setting everywhere we went, we had glasses of wine on his balcony afterwards, he sat next to me with his arm around the top of my head. I was slightly cuddled into him, letting loose a bit, my walls were starting to go down, something I hadn’t experienced since FML. Sebastian was completely charming, something I knew he was skilled at, so I tried to be careful. Not wanting to get hurt again, I could tell I was starting to fall for him.

He put his wine glass down and leaned in to kiss me. It heated up very quickly. He slid his hands over my body, making me moan instantly. His touch felt amazing against my skin, a touch I had been thinking about since we met. He was comfortable, so was I, so I spent the night.

When I got up the next day, I was wearing his clothes, I was feeling a little hungover, and he didn’t cuddle with me at all during the night, after things happened. I thought I should leave and went to go get into last night’s dress, trying to sneak into the nearby bathroom, not wanting to wake him up. But just as I walked past him his eyes opened, and he rolled over looking at me.

“Hey where you going? Come cuddle.” I wanted to, so I walked back and crawled into bed next to him.

We enjoyed a coffee on his balcony together after that, having another fun debate or two. He was interesting for me to talk to, it was great listening to a guy be passionate about what he does, while also trying to secretly get an inside scoop.

I parted ways with him in the morning as he had to go out campaigning and I needed to go cover a story. We kissed a sweet goodbye, I hoped it wouldn’t be our last.

With Love, Jus


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