Modern Dating: The Next Chapter

Have you ever had a dream, worked for ten years to achieve it and finally just as your tasting the fresh air of success, it all comes crashing down, taken from you quicker then it takes to put a cigarette out. I thought FML would be the biggest thing to break my heart, but it doesn’t even come close to the feeling of losing the career that keeps the roof over my head.

I knew being a journalist wouldn’t be an easy career choice and doing it during the pandemic took its toll on me. Add on pressure from my editor to write more articles a day then necessary and the media hate we all began to see directed at us through social media or at press conferences. But I still got thousands of shares on most of my articles, was getting well known in my community and I was just about to take a one week vacation, then I experienced what can only be described as the most blind sighted way to dump someone of 2022.

The weirdest part of that day was it was the same day that Lisa LaFlamme, Canada’s national female news anchor announced via a Twitter video that she had been fired – blindsided by the execs of CTV. It was comforting to watch one of my female inspirations be so graceful admitting defeat. I guess we burned together that day.

After a few of these heartbreaks you learn to keep some vodka in the freezer and good friends close by to help you put the fires out.

But a new chapter is starting, one filled with comebacks, love and whatever a lingerie party is.


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