Modern Dating: Island of Lost Men

Recently, I had discovered a secret. An island where men apparently go when you break up, or at least that’s where I think they go since they seem to just disappear. I was starting to get worried how many men I had accidently sent there.

Many women have a few guys in their past who they know are on that island, men that seemed great and then one day they disappear – they ghost you, break up with you and POOF! They are now Gilligan on the island.

Recently a guy I thought was on the island, decided he was going to throw me a line, see if anything catches. It didn’t. I saw the rope, I looked at it and I ignored it, let it float back towards the island.

Things had been steadily picking up again with FML and I, he was spending every weekend with me, without me asking. He seemed happy to have his little family back. The problem with FML is I think for the last year and half he was the king of that island, and then one day he covered himself with something buoyant, a tidal wave hit him maybe and POOF! He’s back on shore, in my bed and I’m just left wondering, “how did you get here again?”

The truth is FML will always feel like he’s on an island to me because of the long distance. We met our first year in college, his room was the one next to mine and we fell hard for each other.

Then one day after graduation he moved back home.. 2 hours away.. without telling me first. And that was the first time we broke up. Of course we got back together and so began the long distance relationship that I’m still waiting for him to end.

Somedays, I don’t know where we will end or end up. But for now he can stay in the boat until we figure out where we’re going.



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