Modern Dating: Harry and Meghan

After watching Harry and Meghan, the new documentary on Netflix (in less then 48 hours after it was posted) it became clear to me that Harry and Megan are not only deeply in love but they are a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet, being torn apart by two families, meanwhile all they want to do is be together. But in ‘H and M’s story’, it seems like they will have a happy ending. Although there is a moment in the doc where Harry says, “I feel like our love story has only just begun.” Those words rang in my ears because it’s how I feel about FML.

When Harry and Meghan begin depicting how their whole relationship started it was through a friend of a friend and an Instagram creep session from Meghan, which seems a bit odd. Why the Prince of England has to troll online for a date is beyond me… They lived in two separate countries but having their own wealth made it easy for them connect. Long distance is incredibly hard, even the strongest couples struggle with it. Not seeing that person for weeks at a time will make or break a relationship. FML always tells me “the distance makes us stronger, because we don’t have to guess why were together – we know why – we don’t have to wonder what the future looks like because we don’t know, we just hope we get to spend it with each other.”

And just like in that movie The Prince and Me Meghan’s life gets turned upside down but in the most endearing way possible. What little girl wouldn’t look at Meghan Markle like she’s amazing. We all want to marry a prince, someone who can take us away and help us escape the normalcy of our everyday life’s. I’ll switch this laptop for a prince any day. But after you get through the first 3 episodes you start to realize it is not this fairytale that Disney has been pitching to us since we were kids. It’s full of rules that take away the very essence of who someone is. It’s full of people trying to control you, advise you what to say, what to wear and telling you what your wedding day will look like. The only real reason for Meghan to stick around was love. Respect.

One thing we can all learn and take away from the first 3 episodes of Harry and Meghan is that the media in the UK have been controlling the narrative for far too long. As a journalist I understand how easy it would be for the monarchy to buy out these media outlets, because media outlets make very little to no money nowadays and are one of the slowest types of companies to progress. It shouldn’t shock anyone because the same thing has been happening in the US and Canada. Our media outlets have become more dramatic, more about clickbait then about uncovering the truth or giving facts that aid people in their everyday life’s. When I joined, I wanted to be like Dorothy Parker, an old-school war time reporter, a women whose camera is her weapon, but as I got further and further down the rabbit hole, I saw it. I saw advertisers pay for not just their ad but a story to go with it. Lets just say I got a sinking feeling when I saw the way the UK tabloids aimed at Meghan and pressed print.

So where does love stand in this modern day, is modern love worth rooting for? Are Harry and Meghan worth rooting for? Or are we all just buying into cheap pre-written narratives because we watched Cinderella too many times.

With Love,


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