Modern Dating: Is timing everything?

They say timing is everything when it comes to relationships. Which may explain why FML and I were back together after a two-year hiatus. A lot had happened in this two-years. I honestly don’t know why he came back, other then love.

“He must not have been getting laid,” Alexa said to me while we were out Christmas shopping. She tried on a giant, puffy black coat and looked in the mirror.

“It’s possible. I kind of hope he wasn’t I guess.” I admitted to her as I looked at a sparkly pink reindeer.

“That’s not for sale, that’s décor Jus.”

“I like it.”

“Did he say anything to you? Did you guys even talk about the last two-years and what you both went through or who you dated before you got back together?”

“A little bit, there just hasn’t been that much time. Now it’s the holidays and then after that we have a vacation booked. I guess we did talk about it here or there. I mean I had to admit to him eventually I lost my job right.” I said picking up the pink reindeer I had my eyes set on.

“When did you tell him?”

“Right before my giant family Christmas party. I knew my aunts would give me away.”

“Perfect timing,” Alexa said laughing. “What did he say?”

“He seemed oddly okay with it, honestly, I wish he cared more but he just said kind of like a ‘You got this‘ sort of thing and then we went to see the fam.”

“That’s good I guess, he knows you’ll be fine either way.”

“He’s just so different now. It’s weird sometimes to me,” I said putting the pink reindeer down on top of a pile of folded shirts.

“What do you mean, how is he different?” She asked looking through a rack of jeans.

“I don’t know it’s like I can’t make him mad anymore. He’s just so loving and sweet. He keeps paying for everything and trying to take care of me and the dog. He calls me now, he never called me like that before, now he calls just to see what I’m doing.”

“And this is difficult for you?” Alexa asked sarcastically.

A women working at the store comes over and lifts the pink reindeer off the folded shirts and puts it in the centre of the table, then walks away without a word or glance given to Alexa or Jus..

“Should we tell her I moved it from over there?” I whispered out the side of my mouth to Alexa.

“No, no just leave it, that women is scary.”

“It’s just like dating a new person and now were talking about moving in together,” I explained as we walked through the store.

“What! You’ve only been seeing him again for like 2 months, what is the rush?” Alexa asks as we leave the store.

“No rush, we just like being around each other and I guess the reason we never worked before was because we weren’t living together. So now…now it’s like everything’s sped up. We know each other, we don’t have to start from ground zero.”

“Yes you do.” Alexa said nonchalantly as we walked through the heavily crowded mall.


“You have to start from ground zero or your starting from inside a haunted house.”


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