Modern Dating: Relationship Rules in 2023

“There are no dating rules in 2023. There is good and bad manners but no rules.”

You can date anyone and no label has to be associated. Or give you and your partner a label if you want one, it seems the rules went out the window. Which has opened a door of open sexuality. You can walk through or you can keep the door closed, whichever way you prefer just don’t close the door on anyone else.

When FML first came back into my life, I hadn’t seen him for over 2 years so of course the very first thought I had seeing him again was ‘F**k my life.’ Then we kissed… by accident, and a little bit by habit.

It’s now been 2 months; 3 family Christmas events, 2 accidental love bomb, 1 NYE party, 1 family drama, 2 introductions to new friends and were still together. When we first got together my expectations were low, maybe a return to great sex for a few weeks until the long distance became torture again. But everything’s different this time. Except my friends, who are still skeptical of the door we reopened. Just consider that the price of good friendship.

He was invested in our relationship, and I was just hoping I could match that investment. But lately, I wasn’t sure. I had already not just gone down that road with FML already, but had driven down it in a moving truck.

They say relationships are like a piece of yarn and every cut you make is a thread you loose. Well after awhile I gathered those threads and built myself a safety net.

If FML and I can’t figure it out and we have to shut the door again, I have a net to fall into. It might not be the strongest net but I didn’t have it before.

No matter what kind of relationship or who your with, build yourself a safety net. Sometimes we fall, and we need something to catch us so we don’t hit the ground too hard.


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