Modern Dating: Man’s Best Birthday Plan

Is your partner’s birthday coming up and your feeling stuck about what to get them, what to do or cook? I’ve got you covered with my list below.

Most of these are tested by Jus on FML, so keep what you’ve learnt from Modern Dating in mind when your on your special date for a boost of confidence. (If you haven’t read the associated Modern Dating articles yet, be sure to read a few articles before you leave the site.) And yes! You can say you thought of these ideas on your own!




Create a special birthday drink, inspired by your partner and what they like to eat and drink. All the things that you like about them into one drink, like jalapeno’s for spicy, strawberries for tart, whipped cream for sweet and don’t forget to decorate with birthday toppers!

The extra added thought that goes into making someone a birthday drink they can have all day or the minute they get home from work is always appreciated. Who wouldn’t want a drink named after them on their birthday that the whole crew will love?


  • 2 Jalapenos, 1 chopped in half for decoration and 1 sliced thinly to stir into drink
  • Fancy Whiskey or their fav brand
  • Lemonade, I prefer Simply’s but your choice!


If you haven’t watched ‘Parks and Recreation’ then this won’t be as obvious of an idea to you, but the idea is to spoil your partner with their favorite food – special, expensive and cooked perfectly – while they sit comfortably watching their favorite movie, alone or with their romantic partner.

A perfectly cooked steak from a butcher, with a side of meat is the Ron Swanson move but it’s up to you and what your cooking abilities are. (Remember: Ordering in is always a good idea!)

Be sure to add special décor like a light up sign that says, ‘Happy Birthday FML or I LOVE YOU!’ This gives them the idea that you care right in their face and adds a special birthday ambience to your setting. Add special items like gifts they’ve given you, silver placemats, candles or pretty lights to make the setting more romantic.

Don’t forget the fancy birthday dinner menu that you can make just for the them on their day! Send it to your dinner guest(s) prior and make sure they don’t have any food allergies. It’s a great keepsake and gives them the feeling that they are being taken care of. Easily change out the wording to fit your needs. The best part is that they can be printed or used digitally. Below are a few of my menu templates for sale currently on Etsy.


Have the present ready as soon as they wake up or get in the door! In a pretty bag with a sparkly ribbon, homemade or Hallmark card right next to it – the works! This extra special touch shows you care as well as that you planned ahead. Gifts don’t have to be super expensive, stick to your price range but a new game you can play together from Dollerama is always a cute add on, as well as their favorite candy or chocolate. (Gift suggestions: golf accessories, golf shirts, a new gaming keyboard and matching mouse, a watch, fancy backpack, sports gear.)

For those looking to buy from a small business , I suggest Etsy for handmade items, unique pintables, funny cards and other gift options such as the Printable Romantic Games I made for my company (Social House) that can be seen below for purchase currently.


Always just buy a fancy cake from a fancy store. Save yourself the time and effort so you can focus more on the lingerie and birthday outfit you know you haven’t planned yet.


Plan a late night surprise that you can do together or with friends that will end your partner’s birthday on a high. Don’t tell them before you go and be absolutely sure to buy the tickets ahead of time so they can’t try to pay for it!

Here are some ideas: late night movie, bowling, arcade, their fav bar, concert, frozen yogurt or ice cream, a dessert cafe or perhaps a cool event happening. And don’t forget a sexcapade never fails to at least be entertaining!


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