Modern Dating: The Most Important Thing in Modern Relationships

The ability to travel while your partner stays home with the kids, the ability to be in an open relationship, the ability to go out on a Friday night with or without your partner, the ability to post photos of yourself in a bikini without your partner getting mad, the ability to work from home while your partner doesn’t work, the ability to be a power couple, the ability to not have to be a mom. All these modern relationships in 2023 are filled with abilities instead of limitations. People are figuring out what works for them, may not fit into a traditional lifestyle. Millennials seem to be adopting more puppies lately to boot.

All this data adds up and can easily be interpreted into what the most important thing is in a relationship in 2023.

With high inflation, rising rent prices and large company layoffs, people have learned to be more flexible and forgiving to their partner. In an environment where relationships are constantly tested, before children are even in the mix, there needs to be a release – a way for that relationship to work – no matter what stressors are coming at it.

The most important thing in modern relationships is freedom.

Freedom from chores, so your partner can have more time for fun. Freedom in sex. Freedom to be friends with exes. Freedom not to have kids and freedom to have kids. Freedom to get a dog or a pet. Freedom to start a business. Freedom helps modern relationships develop and grow, helping two (maybe three) people in the relationship to change to adapt to 2023.

We all have to adapt in our modern relationships as the world continues to evolve. Were constantly adapting. As a millennial sometimes I feel like we have mastered adaptation. I learned the other day how to use 7 different AI apps and systems to work more efficiently, no one asked me to, my boss didn’t tell me to, I just knew I needed to know.

The same goes for my modern relationship with FML. As two career-orientated people we both need freedom, not from each other but to be successful. The freedom to do what we need to do, to get to where we want to go. That might mean we don’t see each other that week or a date night gets rescheduled. But when we do see other again it’s always well worth the wait. The freedom we have created in our relationship has given us a strong bond, we know what the other needs to be happy in this relationship.

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