Reporting for Spoke TV at Conestoga College was a rewarding and enriching experience. Spoke TV can be viewed on local Kitchener Rogers TV or Below are a few of my creations, some with the help of my fellow classmates.

Zehrs Fergus is the first location in SouthWestern Ontario to introduce Caroline’s Cart into their store. Caroline’s Cart is a grocery cart invented to help special needs children shop easier with their parents.

Reporter: Justine Fraser
Videographer: Britt Bortolon

Fountain Street bridge in Cambridge, Ontario is set to close for two years due to construction. This will impact many people as they drive to and from Cambridge.

Reporter: Stef-Han Singh
Videographer: Justine Fraser

Clucking for change. With the ban of backyard chickens being lifted in Kitchener, Ontario, many may be unaware of what to look out for or some of the health concerns.

Videographer: Justine Fraser

Reporting the weather from a pumpkin patch at Snyder’s Farm.

Videographer: Justine Fraser

Canada’s beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tapped the keg that launched Kitchener’s 47th Oktoberfest this year.

Videographer: Justine Fraser

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