Modern Dating: Rose-Coloured

Article #17

Clinginess is the cancer to a relationship in our modern society. Any women I talk to will tell you she won’t text a man more than once because if you text him twice your clingy, if you text him three times your crazy.

The pandemic has changed so much about how humans interact and get to know each other. The last year and half has probably changed the dating landscape forever. Millennials have so much text anxiety that they prefer to be ghosted than broken up with.

I heard on the radio the other day that they did a survey, and it was something like 60 per cent of people think one nights stands will be obsolete in the future. My question is who did they ask? Single people or people in relationships? The pandemic might make people rethink how they treated people, and how they view relationships but at the end of the day when you’re at that bar, and the music is going, the drinks are yummy and the guy next to you has the cutest smile, yea a one-night stand sounds kind of nice.

A relationship is a commitment, FML never saw it like that, he saw a relationship like something he was entitled too. He saw our relationship as something he was entitled to. FML had a great personality, he was sexy, charming, he gave me rose coloured glasses that I didn’t take off until it was too late.

Courtney and Dimi always accused me of wearing them. Courtney thought I had short term memory loss a few times, not able to understand why I don’t remember those moments when he hurt me most. I always remembered; I just didn’t like talking about it. I wanted my relationship with FML to be about the good memories instead of overlayered with bad ones. I wanted FML to be the guy he was sometimes, all the time. It wasn’t about changing him, to me he was perfect, to my friends he was pretty much the opposite, but I think that’s also the problem with love. Love has this way of gluing the rose-coloured glasses onto you.

Be very careful entering into a relationship with someone you can fall in love with, all of a sudden it’s 5 years later, there’s a pandemic, your Roomba is broken, and your sitting there trying to to figure out what a bumble is.  

With love, Jus


Modern Dating: Signs of Alien Life

Article #15
Modern Dating: Signs of Alien Life
Released: 06/22/21

People keep talking to me about signs, “Everything happens for a reason,” according to Dimi and everyone else.  

I don’t know if I really believe that. I’m more of a work to get what you want out of life type of person, so I’m not sitting at fate’s bus stop hoping it doesn’t run me over.

I realize that online dating has presented millennials in particular with an array of choices to choose from in terms of a partner. It always seems like there will be another fish in the sea, a blue fish, a pink fish, a fish with a long tail and skinny fins. You know longer, thanks to the pandemic, even have the minimum requirement to buy us a drink or dinner, you can simply invite us over for a movie or go for a walk. The bar is so much lower in terms of dating expectations for guys than it was 5 or 10 years ago.

“It always seems like there will be another fish in the sea, a blue fish, a pink fish, a fish with a long tail and skinny fins.”

Justine Fraser

One guy who shall be known as Ewe, sent 3 or 4 messages before sending, “Hey Justine, do you wanna hookup? Sorry to be brutally honest.” I replied with, “I’m not interested.” And he deleted me off bumble. And there went Ewe, a fish I was happy not to meet.

To me that was a sign. A sign of what shall not be. A sign that my standards are too high for him and a sign that his are too low.

In my opinion the guys I’ve enjoyed talking to and getting to know the most online have some rough pics, one or two where they are smiling or look cute, mostly them out with their friends, having fun. These guys have also repetitively turned out to be better looking than what I was expecting.

I went on a date last Friday with a guy without really knowing what he looked like, his pictures were mostly band pics, one was him playing the drums with his mouth wide open. He started off messaging me with a weird question, something about how many raccoons can I fight. For some reason I answered, “1 maybe.” And from there we just had a fun conversation, before even a day of talking he had found a way to ask for my phone number – he wanted to send me a song from Spotify, and after that he asked me if I wanted to go out on Friday.

It seems sometimes, you find someone who matches up with you so perfectly online it’s hard to ignore them. But what if you don’t match perfectly in real life.

He was very cute and nervous when I first approached the table. He told me he doesn’t go on a lot of dates, but so did the last two guys I had dated so I learned to just hold my tongue at that comment. We chatted, with some awkward pauses for 3 or 4 hours outside on the patio. He made me smile at one point, I don’t remember why, I know he hadn’t told a joke, he asked what I was laughing at and I honestly told him, “I’m just happy.” I was, he made me happy, it was nice.

He had a great smile, with these dark eyes you could just fall into, I guess you could say I liked him. I could tell he liked me because he insisted on walking me to my car a few feet from the restaurant. He than started doing weird crazy hand maneuvers as he talked in front of my car, like an angry Italian mob boss, he even at one point did some drumming on top of my hood while he was talking. I could tell he was nervous because he asked if he could hug me, which felt like one of the most awkward hugs I have ever received.

I had been on about 3 first dates the past couple months so I wasn’t as nervous, I was just hoping he wasn’t a weirdo.

We went our separate ways, back into our separate lives, or so I thought. I’m not someone who wants to analyze the beginning of the relationship too much and hold back, if my gut is saying, “Hey Jus, you need to go have some fun.” Then I’m going to go, so that’s what I did when he invited me over for a night cap.

So I get out of my car and he’s standing in his driveway, the song Kiss me by I think Mandy Moore is playing outside through his Alexa speaker. This might be why women stopped listening to their gut instincts to be honest. He’s all hi, it’s nice to see you, here’s another awkward hug. I really thought oh wow he’s really going for it, he’s gonna kiss me to the cheesy music but no, he did not kiss me. We went inside, he gave me a tour, we talked, cuddled on the couch, he confessed he wanted to kiss me, still didn’t, we cuddled, I eventually looked up at him and he looked down, we kissed. Sex was not needed after what came after that but I learned what his name was real quick.

Listening to my gut instinct has been a great go to for when I’m feeling unsure about a dating situation. No matter what logic is saying, no matter what my emotion is saying, my gut is saying what I really want.

Love, Justine

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Modern Dating: Pre-Pandemic Life

Modern Dating: Article #14

 Pre-Pandemic Life

Recently I asked an ex on and off again fling if he remembered the night we met. It was purely for writing purposes; I was curious and needed an article. He’s been an interesting character in my life, we’ve always seemed to keep in contact for whatever reason.  Tom and I met about 9 years ago in my hometown when I had just moved into a 1-bedroom apartment downtown with my closest friend, Dimi. He was a couple years older, from Ireland, recently moved, chose my random hometown because of the closeness to Toronto. It was a chance encounter the way we met, I never exactly told him why I was standing on the sidewalk by myself that night.

I was up to no good, 21 in my hood, drinking, partying, making all the wrong decisions but having a great time doing it. Recently I had just dropped out of Fanshawe College for drinking too much, yeah… that’s where I was at in life.  I was working minimum wage and not exactly hanging out with a great crowd. That night I had been drinking and just came back from the bar we lived around the corner of. I was texting a guy I wasn’t very keen on, but l was drunk and bored. He was coming to meet me to hangout for a bit, so I went downstairs outside our building to wait for him, it was a warm summer night, the taxicab company across the street had a line of people waiting. I was on my phone, not paying much attention when I saw two guys walking up to me, one was wearing a bright orange shirt. I can’t remember the other guy at all, I just remember Tom was wearing this awful shirt. I honestly don’t know why we engaged with each other, we were both too drunk to remember but were both out going people so my guess he walked right up and made a joke than hit on me. hat day I had undergone a transformation, I died my brown hair blonde, so I guess I wasn’t super recognizable. While I was talking to Tom that night the guy, I planned on meeting walked right by me without even realizing it was me. I just watched him walk behind Tom’s head and tried not to laugh. Honestly it was great, I realized I would much rather keep talking to Tom than make a drunken mistake. Tom was charming, maybe it was the accent, I ended up giving him my phone number and we dated for the next couple months. He just walked into my life that night and never left.

The long distance has always been a reason we never pursued it, but from time to time we meet up still. The last time was last year before the pandemic started. I was broken up with FML at the time. Tom was living in a gorgeous condo downtown; I went to go visit him. We had a drink on his balcony overlooking Toronto, you could see the CN Tower off in the distance and we just talked for hours, it was so easy. Of course, I was physically attracted to him, the guy is hot and from Ireland. Tom is such a lively person I enjoyed being around him. So, after hours of talking, he asked if I wanted to stay the night, I did.

Moral of the story: don’t insta judge them because of a bright orange shirt, you just never know.

(The answer he gave me was, “Vaguely lol”)

Stay Safe,

Justine Fraser

Modern Dating: How to lose a Girl in 10 Days

Modern Dating: Article #13

 How to lose a Girl in 10 Days

Written by: Justine Fraser, @jusreadingbooks, @justinefrasers

One of the best romcom’s of all time, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is all about a women’s what not to do in the dating world if she wants to keep that man around. It seems one sided that most of these types of movies involve the same theme about women losing men. Not many seem to explore the theme of men losing women.

Recently I had to breakup with a guy after two dates, Taron, the guy from last week’s article.

Day 1: We have been talking on Hinge for a few days hitting it off, he asks for my number which was nice because I’m tired of men asking for my snapchat which feels temporary. I give it to him; we continue to talk for a few more days morning to night.

Day 2: He is a bit of an over sharer on text message, and he has revealed some red flags already. He reveals that most of his friends are in relationships or have kids that he hangs out with, he says he bought a place and wants to have a serious relationship. He says he is lonely. He says he has been trying to lose weight. He says he is at his parent’s place to work out. He says he’s ‘all in’ no matter what, just likes to date one person at a time.

Day 3: We arrange a time and date for our first date. I say let’s go for a walk, he says that’s boring and wants to plan me a picnic.

Day 4: We meet up at a place he designates as a private park. I get there, it’s lovely and cute with ponds. He’s much better looking than I expected and has a cute accent. He says the private park is where his parents are planning on building a house. He sets everything up in front of me while also introducing himself for the first time making me feel awkward. He has a bunch of alcoholic drinks and wine, its 2 in the afternoon and I have to drive home. He creates this huge display of food, showing off how much money he spent. He leans over and kissed me, it was not great, he put my mouth inside of his than sucked my lip and it all felt so gross. He held me, which was nice. Than he says, “I’m okay with being exclusive already if you want. I like it that way better.” I cringed, I’m sure of it. My response, “I need a few more dates before I can say something like that.” I let him down easy I thought. He walked me from our picnic spot to my car which was very gentlemanly, but also a way to look at my butt and kiss me more times than I would have liked. It was a nice date all in all and very romantic to have someone do that for me.

Day 5: The day after Taron messages me saying, “so are you free tonight?” I don’t answer for a while as I have plans that day. He messages me 3 more times. Then asks, “So I guess were not hanging out tonight?” A little uncomfortably I respond, “Sorry not tonight.” He within a minute answers, “Ok. Just wanted to see you.” Which sounded cute but within another minute he’s sending me a slew of text messages telling me about something bad that happened to him at work that day.

Day 6: “Are you free Wednesday, want to hang out?” I decided to be nice and give him another chance, it was nice how much he liked me. I responded, “Not Wednesday but I can do Thursday.” He asked, “What are you doing Wednesday, another date?” I responded, “No, hot date with my girls for dinner and wine.” Which wasn’t true, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to see him and I needed time to bail.

Day 7: He bugs me to come over to his condo for our second date, I agree knowing he just wants to keep bragging about some lights he installed. We have a drink, the talking gets awkward as I can tell I don’t feel into him, I don’t like him in that way, he keeps trying to kiss me and touch me. It’s only our second date and I am alarmed by how comfortable he is and how uncomfortable I am. The kissing grosses me out again, I was turned off by his cologne and I left before the movie was over.

Day 8: He texts me all the next day trying to plan another date. I throw the shirt I wore last night into the wash to get his cologne off as it makes me gag. I told him I have plans that weekend and he says, “Fine, I’ll go plan something with my friends than.”

Day 9: He is morning to night texting me, assuring me that he has no other priorities, and his social life is wide open. While on a date with Cameron, who I had seen a lot more and was starting to really enjoy the company of, I get 8 to 9 texts from Taron. He was just talking to himself and in the last one he breaks up with me saying there is no connection and he was happy to meet me. Ok, cool off the hook, did not answer.

Day 10: Wake up to another text from Taron saying, “I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that I was in my head going crazy about things from work, from friends, from my health, can we start over?” I respond two hours later, “Not interested, wish you the best.” And that’s how to lose a girl in 10 days.

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With Love,

Justine Fraser

Modern Dating: Modern man

Modern Dating: Article #11


Is there still romance in 2021?

It’s easy to say you want romance but the reality of it happening for any single women in 2021 during a pandemic is slim.

Taron was a guy I matched with on Hinge about a week ago, I liked how fun he looked, I could not tell at all really if he was good looking, his pictures were exactly what you expect from a straight guy which intrigued me. I’m a little picky about who I’ll match with, I refuse to match with any guy with a gym pic, it’s been well over a year first of all since we’ve all been in the gym so that pic is old, most women will tell you those guys are egotistical, and they also tend to be a little dull.

Taron seemed fun, we chatted and before long he asked for my phone number, which if that is a guy’s way of keeping a women they like off the app than that’s smart because it does work, I haven’t opened it again since then. He quickly asked me out, we setup a date for that weekend. My bar was set low since I thought we would just go for an hour-long walk.  Suddenly he messages me the day before, it read – ‘I’M GOING TO SETUP A PICNIC IN A PRIVATE PARK FOR US’, add my nerves and a pretty long pink dress.

This was already sounding like an intense first date filled with pressure, don’t spill food on yourself, don’t forget sunscreen, don’t wear those shoes, don’t be covered in dog hair etc.

It was of course a little uncomfortable to meet someone I did not really know for the first time in a private area I have never been to. I had an escape plan, and a friend knew the address of where I was. #smartwomen

I pull up on the cutest green space surrounded by trees and ponds, it was very private. I looked pretty but didn’t overdo my makeup or my hair because I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. MISTAKE! I got out of the car and saw a tan man in a tight shirt with strong arms, nearly drove all the way home at that minute to curl my hair. Taron was so much better looking than his pictures I saw, he setup a couple blankets, and a spread of yummy food. We immediately started chatting, about what, I have no idea, I was grateful there was grapes I could shove in my mouth when I couldn’t think of something to say.

Taron made me a little nervous which is exactly what you want on a first date. I had been on a few others recently but none of them made me nervous, none of them setup a date like that for me either though. When guys go out of their way like that for you, you feel it, Taron gave me a memory of probably what will go down in my biography as the best first date ever.

To make it more perfect, he told me he thought I was beautiful than he said, “I’m going to kiss you now.” He leaned over the food and gave me a long kiss. We than proceeded to make out for about 2 hours. He held me while we chatted, it was hard to leave but I knew to extend a first date too long is always a mistake, so I pulled myself away. He walked me to my car, which doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t remember the last time or if any time a guy has ever done that for me. I really enjoyed being held by him and his strong arms, it reminded me of what it was like when FML would hold me, warm and safe. Another reason I needed to leave.

Trying to move on from FML and our 5 years of chaos hasn’t always been easy but dates like these, give me hope.

Maybe, just maybe there is some hope for the modern man… Maybe.


Justine Fraser

Modern Dating: Building Blocks

Modern Dating: Article #10


So, I was out for drinks with my sister, Chelsea and a few friends when the discussion of dating came up, online to be more specific. Chelsea’s old roommate Lily told us a story of a mutual friend and how she has been talking to a man online for over a year now — without ever meeting him. All I could say in response was the typical, “She knows she’s being catfished right?” I couldn’t fathom how you could chat with someone online or through video messages for over a year without ever meeting? What if you see him for the first time and he looks totally different, maybe he was hiding it? I’ve noticed that I’m one of those people that if I like you, I’m going to want to see you in person because I know I’m attractive and that my personality is better that way. I get bored of the texting game online dating has created and yes, I am only two and half months into it.

I would never advise any of my friends or any females to pursue a relationship this way. The guys I’m seeing now (two – Ryan and Cameron) have built a solid relationship with me because we saw each other. Granted I would have waited longer to meet Ryan, had he not called me one Saturday, we spent 3 hours talking and 3 hours texting before that. So that in my books was our first date, as I really hadn’t meant to spend the whole night talking to him. I met him the next Friday and he was way better looking than his pictures. He was so much more confident and engaging than I thought he’d be, needless to say we made out pretty quick. So why wait? IMO, to build a relationship you need solid blocks to stand on first. You need to make mistakes and see how the other reacts, you need to also have chemistry or why bother would be my other opinion. Solid chemistry that comes from the first sight is rare, which is why I’m not really trying to let Ryan go anytime soon but we’ve only been seeing other for two weeks, so I do need to slow it down.

And then there’s Cameron, who I really wasn’t sure about at first. We met on Bumble, he’s cute, strong arms, long brown hair, 5-month-old Bernese mountain dog that my dog would like. Sometimes I’m still not sure if I’m looking for a boyfriend or a friend for my dog. Cameron and I chatted on Bumble for about a month before I gave him my snapchat, and then he quickly asked me on a date for a walk in the park with the pups. It was cute, a little awkward like any first date, he didn’t exactly look like his photos to me but I was still attracted to him. And than fast forward to a week later when I met him for our second date. I was unsure about him, I didn’t even exactly dress up, not to the extent I did for Ryan, I’m pretty sure I wore the same underwear I had worked out in earlier. And than to my surprise a completely different Cameron stood in front of me, my nerves shot through my stomach and all I could think was “No! No! Idiot!” I quickly checked the mirror upon parking my car (might I add horribly, he was watching and my nerves went crazy so I parked like an orangutan would) I regretted not putting foundation on. He had his shoulder length hair slicked back, sexy man beard, tight grey shirt with arms trying to break free. I was mad at myself for not taking this second date seriously, this guy was pretty hot. This is the other problem with online dating, don’t wait too long to meet that person because you really just don’t know them until you’ve spent time together. Cameron and I didn’t need a month of talking online before we saw each other, the chemistry on the second date was very much there. And I don’t think he or I remembered much of what we talked about over that month because we also had been talking to other people. But I remember everything since that, he’s turned out to be a really good guy, even calls the next day after we had sex too early.

“To build a relationship, you need solid blocks to stand on first.”


Justine Fraser

Modern Dating: Hot, warm and cold

Modern Dating: Article #9

 Title: Hot, warm and cold

The rules of online dating have become clear to me now. Any mention of sex will be construed the wrong way and you end up in a certain category in that person’s head that you probably don’t want to be in. This works for guys too, I had the greatest video call with a guy I had been chatting up for the past couple weeks, it was fun, I was a little nervous, he was cute, we had things in common. I decided to end the call after 20 or so minutes not wanting to push our luck also it was almost midnight. He texted me immediately afterwards saying “You are so cute.” Then a message or two later sent me a pic, I open it and bam! A random dick in my face! Seriously, why do you men think women want this? Did he think it would turn me on? Of course, like any other girl I ignored it, he than proceeded to try and video call me again. All I can say is I think it is obvious why I didn’t answer. We never talked again. I don’t understand why men feel the need to mislead women. Women are probably better at separating and compartmentalizing relationships than men, we do it every day anyways, organization is a women’s happy place. Being 29, I have been separating boys like their laundry for a while now and it works, you’ll end up less hurt and feeling empowered. Men go into 3 piles, hot, warm or cold. The ones that send you dick pics go into your cold pile. IE: be cold to them, only talk to them when you want to, don’t let them send you dick pics you don’t want and don’t give them the romantic stuff, they don’t want it and you don’t need to get hurt. The warm pile is my safe zone after a breakup because it’s filled with guys from the hot pile but you have to play games right so every once in awhile you give them a flirty message but you don’t ever mention sex unless you want to throw that guy right into the cold pile. The guys in the warm pile are just trying to get to know you, they ask a lot of questions, this is great. Sometimes these guys also become your FB’s, this is even better. Many FBs turn into serious relationships, that just seems to be what we do as humans these days so make sure you stay in the warm zone if you do start to like him, don’t put him in the cold pile too quick, unless he sends you a dick pic than maybe just lose that shirt. So for the hot pile you have to be ready for a relationship because the hot pile is full of the good guys, in this category is where you put the guys you see yourself having a long term relationship with, and once their in this category it is really hard to ever take them out so be careful, if your unsure stick em in the warm pile, make him prove himself. Men love competition, they like knowing they had to win your heart or sex, so you won’t actually have to try too hard. If a guy has already put you in his hot pile, he will pursue you. Be warned though, guys who put you in their cold pile will sometimes pursue you in a similar way so they can wear you once and toss you away.

Written by: @justinefrasers

At- Home Facial

I’ve perfected the best at-home facial that you will love too, thanks to the stay at-home orders in Ontario. It’s also way cheaper than my normal spa routine so that’s a bonus too. I miss going to get facials but this past year I’ve been staying home like everyone else, after doing some research I’ve found a great facial that you can use once every two weeks to stay rejuvenated, looking healthy and feeling relaxed.

*Amazon Affiliate Marketing Partner

First- wash all the makeup off your face and eyes, start fresh. Rinse your face with warm water and your favorite cleanser ( I use St. Ives Green Tea cleanser from Shoppers Drug Mart, it’s cheap, natural and works) , rinse off again and pat dry. Fill your face steamer with water and turn on. If you don’t have a face steamer you can buy one online with Amazon such as the one listed below. Their great for getting you relaxed, opening up the pores, hydrating your face, cleansing your sinuses and more. Find your comfy space, tell Alexa to play spa music on Spotify and enjoy your steam for about 20 minutes. Don’t put your face too close to the steam.

Second. After your done a refreshing steam, scrub your face using your fav face scrub, again I use St. Ives apricot scrub, it’s a great go to and works for my sensitive skin. You can find it also on Amazon. Let sit on your face for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Third, after rinsing pat dry with a warm towel. If you have a face roller like the one below than this is a good time to use it to relax. ( I like to freeze mine for better results) Make sure to roll over your T – zone area and on the corners of your eyes as these are pressure points, when you massage pressure points you release pressure and you feel better, Enjoy!

Lastly use a face mask that suits your skin type I like to use a lighter one like Vichy’s on my sensitive skin. They have a few different types I like their mineral mask, my skin always feels better after. Leave the mask on your face for 10 minutes, get some mediation in, listen to your spa playlist. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Make sure to also use your face cleansers, masks and moisturizers on your neck area.

After your face is dry, use an eye serum that suits your needs. I like OleHenrikson’s vitamin c banana bright eye booster available on Sephora but it is a bit pricey. Use a light layer of your fav facial oil. Let that set in while you turn your facial steamer back on and use for another 10 minutes to rehydrate.

After that use a light layer of moisturizer on your face and neck. I enjoy L’oreal Paris’s selection, their great products that work at affordable prices. But I do also love more than anything OleHenrickson’s vitamin C face creme gel that’s also available on Sephora. Let sit in for a couple minutes and enjoy another moment of relaxation before your at-home spa treatment finishes.

Enjoy your time to yourself as it my be hard to shut reality out while at -home. Provide yourself with a spa like atmosphere so you can enjoy your facial to its fullest!

Written by yours truly, Jus Fraser

Modern Dating: PTBS

PTBS = Post Traumatic Breakup Stress

Can we ever really go back to having a f**k buddy when we’ve had such passionate sex with someone we truly loved? Men tend to not care about their sex partner the way women do, some men are different and appreciate connection, some just are happy to fuck as many women as they can. This is where the modern women gets lost.

I just came home from a pandemic date, pand-date, still thinking of the right word, which is what I’m calling dating during this time period as a lockdown has made it impossible to meet for a drink or go to a movie, there is no simple how to guide. For women, we get told don’t go on a hike for a first date or back to his place, that’s how you get murdered. But truly without those options I will remain single and die alone. Because I have chosen not to let the pandemic ruin my life I have to keep going on dates even when the pandepression sets in. Which yes, we all know what pandepression is, it’s different for everyone but everyone is feeling like they lost something or someone. Men are no different, after talking to like 20 of them on Bumble, I learned something, their just as lonely as we are and some just are using sex as a timewaster until this thing ends. I hate that Bumble has this statistic online that says most people on Bumble are looking for relationships, that’s just not true. Once you add them on Snapchat or text message it becomes a whole new ball game.

My first pandemic date ended the exact way it probably should. I knew the first time I dated or attempted anything after FML would be a complete disaster, I have no idea how to be single anymore and being a single women in a pandemic is insanely hard sometimes. I missed having FML to go grocery shopping with, even wearing masks he always made me laugh.

So, my first pandemic date and I met for coffee, drove around for half an hour talking and getting to know each other, he took me back to his place. I left my car parked in the mall, we walked up the stairs through the cement building through some steel doors, through a huge parking lot, through the cement stairs and that is when I started to get worried, I was going to get murdered (like any sane women would.) I was surprised he wasn’t walking with me he stayed a foot a head being kind of odd, like could he not tell I was about to run away in pure panic. I honestly started to have so much anxiety I thought I might pass out. My friend Courtney’s voice rang in my head though “Don’t be a baby, just go.” So, I was off to go have a one-night stand, in pure hopes in might be worth it. It wasn’t. I didn’t have sex with the guy. He made me feel pressured and I wanted to have fun, again the difference in men and women’s thoughts about sex right there. He wants to do something bad and I want to have fun. I’m a Cyndi Lauper song, “Girls just want to have fun.”

Written by: Justine Fraser